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Vinyl Collection

Picked up an incredible collection of classic metal vinyls from a lady in Dunkirk. Her brother was a pure metal head in the 80’s and amassed the following list of records over the last three decades. Sadly, he passed away last year and his sister was looking to send these gems to a new, loving home. I am beyond honored to carry the flame and show this collection the same love and care it received from its former owner.

I spent all day yesterday compiling this spreadsheet database to catalog the three boxes of records. I included the band name, year of release, album title, and any special notes included with the album. The year of release is relative to the issue by the record company at the time. I researched catalog numbers using to make sure I have the most accurate information. About half of these albums would be considered obscure and many I have never heard of. I have already discovered several gems, including a Japan only release of Motorschool, a split album by Motorhead and Girlschool, rare bootlegs from AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden, as well as some totally awesome gems from early Swedish metal bands Axe Witch and Heavy Load.

All of the albums listed are in Very Good to Mint Condition. 90% still have the original plastic and price tags.

220 Volt 1983 220 Volt LP
A II Z 1981 The Witch of Berkely LP
AC/DC 1981 Let’s Get it Up Single
AC/DC 1978 110/220 LP Bootleg, very rare
AC/DC 1979 Highway to Hell LP
AC/DC 1980 Back in Black LP
AC/DC 1981 High Voltage LP Australia release, 1981 pressing
AC/DC 1976 High Voltage LP International release
AC/DC 1978 Powerage LP
AC/DC 1977 Let There Be Rock LP International release
AC/DC 1981 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap LP International release
AC/DC 1979 Highway to Hell LP
AC/DC 1985 Fly on the Wall LP
AC/DC 1981 For Those About to Rock LP
AC/DC 1980 Back in Black LP
Accept 1986 Russian Roulette LP
Accept 1982 Restless and Wild LP
Accept 1982 Restless and Wild LP Alternate cover
Accept 1985 Kaizoku-Ban LP
Accept 1980 I’m A Rebel LP
Accept 1979 Accept LP
Accept 1983 Balls to the Wall LP
Accept 1981 Breaker LP
Accept 1983 Best of Accept LP
Acid 1983 Acid LP
Aerosmith 1978 Night in the Ruts LP
Aerosmith 1973 Aerosmith LP
Alice Cooper 1971 Love it to Death LP
Angel Witch 1980 Angel Witch LP
Angel Witch 1980 Angel Witch LP Japanese import
Anthrax 1984 Fistful of Metal LP
Anvil 1982 Metal on Metal LP Two copies
Anvil 1988 Pound for Pound LP
Anvil 1981 Hard ‘N’ Heavy LP
Anvil 1987 Strength of Steel LP
Anvil 1983 Forged in Fire LP
April Wine 1981 The Nature of the Beast LP
April Wine 1984 Animal Grace LP
April Wine 1982 Power Play LP
Attacker 1985 Battle At Helms Deep LP
Axe 1982 Offering LP
Axe 1980 Living on the Edge LP
Axe 1983 Nemesis LP
Axe Witch 1982 Pray for Metal EP Green vinyl
Beowulf 1980 Slice of Life LP
Bitch 1982 Damnation Alley EP Autographed
Bitch 1983 Be My Slave LP
Bitches Sin 1982 Predator LP
Black Sabbath 1980 Heaven and Hell LP Japanese import
Black Sabbath 1981 Mob Rules LP
Black Sabbath 1970 Black Sabbath LP
Black Sabbath 1971 Paranoid LP
Blue Oyster Cult 1975 On Your Feet or On Your Knees LP
Blue Oyster Cult 1973 Tyranny and Mutation LP
Bodine 1982 Bold as Brass LP
Bullet 1982 Execution LP
Cirith Ungol 1980 Frost and Fire LP
Cities 1985 Annihilation Absolute LP
Cloven Hoof 1984 Cloven Hoof LP
Coven 1986 Blessed is the Black LP
Crysys 1981 Hard As Rock LP
Crysys 1981 Hard As Rock LP Alternate cover
Deep Purple 1975 Come Taste the Band LP
Deep Purple 1993 Live in Japan LP
Deep Purple 1984 The House of Blue Light LP
Def Leppard 1980 On Through the Night LP
Def Leppard 1981 High ‘n’ Dry LP
Def Leppard 1983 Pyromania LP
Demon 1981 Night of the Demon LP
Demon 1982 The Unexpected Guest LP
Demon Flight 1982 Flight of the Demon Single
Diamond Head 1982 Borrowed Time LP
Diamond Head 1982 Four Cuts Single
Dio 1983 Holy Diver LP
Dokken 1983 Breaking the Chains LP
Dokken 1984 Tooth and Nail LP
E.F. Band 1982 Deep Cut LP
Electric Sun 1979 Earthquake LP
Electric Sun 1982 Fire Wind LP
Eloy 1982 Planets Picture disc
Exciter 1983 Heavy Metal Maniac LP
Exodus 1987 Pleasures of the Flesh LP
Fastway 1983 We Become One Single
Fastway 1983 Easy Livin’ Single
Fist 1983 In The Red LP
Fist 1982 Back With a Vengeance LP
Fist 1981 Thunder In Rock LP
Fortnox 1982 Fortnox LP Two copies
Gaskin 1981 End of the World LP
Gaskin 1982 No Way Out LP
Girlschool 1981 Hit & Run Single
Girlschool 1981 C’mon Let’s Go Single
Girlschool 1982 Live and More EP
Girlschool 1981 Hit and Run LP
Girlschool 1983 20th Century Boy Single
Girlschool 1983 Play Dirty LP
Girlschool 1980 Demolition LP
Girlschool / Motorhead 1981 Motorschool Mini LP
Great White 1984 Great White LP
Great White 1983 Out of the Night EP
Great White 1988 Recovery: Live LP
Great White 1987 Once Bitten LP
Griffin 1986 Flight of the Griffin LP
Guns N’ Roses 1987 Appetite for Destruction LP
Hawaii 1983 One Nation Underground LP
Heavy Load 1981 Metal Conquest EP
Hellanbach 1983 Now Hear This LP 2 copies
Heretic 1988 Breaking Point LP
Highway Child 1983 Fever EP
Impact 1982 Never Too Young to Rock LP
Iron Maiden 1982 The Number of the Beast Picture disc
Iron Maiden 1983 Flight of Icarus Picture disc
Iron Maiden 1982 The Number of the Beast LP Japanese import
Iron Maiden 1986 Somewhere In Time LP
Iron Maiden 1980 Live!! + One LP Japanese import
Iron Maiden 1983 Piece of Mind LP
Iron Maiden 1981 Killers LP
Iron Maiden 1981 Maiden Japan LP
Iron Maiden 1985 Live After Death LP
Iron Maiden 1982 Run to the Hills Single
Iron Maiden 1984 Powerslave LP Japanese import
Iron Maiden 1988 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son LP
Iron Maiden 1982 The Number of the Beast LP
Iron Maiden 1980 Iron Maiden LP Japanese import
Iron Maiden 1980 Sanctuary Single Dutch import
Iron Maiden 1980 Women in Uniform Single
Jag Panzer 1983 Tyrants EP
Jaguar 1983 Power Games LP
Judas Priest 1988 Ram it Down LP
Judas Priest 1977 Sin After Sin LP
Judas Priest 1976 Sad Wings of Destiny LP
Judas Priest 1980 Living After Midnight Single
Judas Priest 1979 Unleashed in the East LP Japanese import
Judas Priest 1987 Priest… Live! LP
Judas Priest 1986 Turbo LP
Judas Priest 1982 Screaming For Vengeance LP
Judas Priest 1984 Defenders of the Faith LP
Judas Priest 1978 Killing Machine LP Red vinyl, promotional copy
Judas Priest 1978 Stained Class LP
Judas Priest 1981 Point of Entry LP
Judas Priest 1980 British Steel LP
Judas Priest 1981 Hot Rockin’ Single
Judas Priest 1983 Tyrant Single White vinyl
Judas Priest 1978 Take On the World Single
Judas Priest 1981 Rock Forever Single Dutch import
Judas Priest 1982 The Ripper LP Bootleg, very rare
Kiss 1976 Destroyer LP
Kix 1981 Kix LP Promotional copy
Krokus 1983 Headhunter LP
Krokus 1981 Hardware LP
Krokus 1982 One Vice at a Time LP
Krokus 1980 Tokyo Nights Single
Krokus 1986 Change of Address LP
Krokus 1984 The Blitz LP
Krokus 1986 Alive and Screamin’ LP
Legend 1982 Limited Edition Four Track Single EP
Liege Lord 1988 Master Control LP
Loudness 1986 Lightning Strikes LP
Loudness 1985 Thunder in the East LP
Loudness 1987 Hurricane Eyes LP
Loudness 1981 The Birthday Eve LP
Loudness 1982 Devil Soldier LP
Lucifer’s Friend 1981 Mean Machine LP
Magnum 1982 Chase the Dragon LP
Malice 1985 In the Beginng LP
Manilla Road 1980 Invasion LP
Manilla Road 1982 Metal LP
Manowar 1982 Battle Hymns LP
Manowar 1983 Into Glory Ride LP
Meliah Rage 1988 Kill to Survive LP
Mercyful Fate 1982 Mercyful Fate Mini LP
Metal Church 1984 Metal Church LP
Metal Church 1986 The Dark LP
Metallica 1987 The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Revisited EP
Metallica 1983 Kill ‘Em All LP Two copies
Metallica 1988 …And Justice for All LP
Metallica 1986 Master of Puppets LP
Metallica 1984 Ride the Lightning LP
Michael Schenker Group 1982 Assault Attack LP
Michael Schenker Group 1980 The Michael Schenker Group LP
Molly Hatchet 1979 Flirtin’ With Disaster LP Autographed
More 1982 Blood & Thunder LP
Motley Crue 1981 Too Fast For Love LP
Motley Crue 1983 Shout at the Devil LP
Mythra 1979 The Death and Destiny EP EP Very rare
Overdrive 1983 Metal Attack LP
Overkill 1988 Under  the Influence LP
Ozzy Osbourne 1983 Bark at the Moon LP
Ozzy Osbourne 1986 The Ultimate Sin LP
Ozzy Osbourne 1982 Live Mr. Crowley Picture disc
Ozzy Osbourne 1981 Over the Mountain Single
Ozzy Osbourne 1981 Diary of a Madman LP Promotional copy
Ozzy Osbourne 1980 Mr Crowley Single
Pat Travers Band 1980 Crash and Burn LP
Pat Travers Band 1977 Makin’ Magic LP
Pentagram 1987 Day of Reckoning LP
Picture 1982 Diamond Dreamer LP Dutch import
Picture 1980 1 LP
Picture 1981 Heavy Metal Ears LP
Pink Floyd 1975 Wish You Were Here LP
Prism 1977 Prism LP
Quartz 1980 Stand Up and Fight LP
Quartz 1980 Live Quartz LP
Quartz 1980 Satan’s Serenade + Bloody Fool / Roll Over Beethoven Single Rare
Queensryche 1984 The Warning LP
Queensryche 1988 Operation Mindcrime LP
Queensryche 1982 Queensryche EP
Rage 1981 Out of Control LP
Rage 1982 Nice ‘N’ Dirty LP
Rainbow 1979 Down to Earth LP
Ratt 1983 Ratt EP
Raven 1983 All For One LP
Raven 1982 Wiped Out LP
Raven 1985 Stay Hard LP
Raven 1986 The Pack is Back LP
Raven 1986 Mad EP
Raven 1988 Nothing Exceeds like Excess LP
Raven 1983 Break the Chain Single Dutch import
Raven 1981 Rock Until You Drop LP
Raven 1987 Life’s A Bitch LP
Riot 1982 Riot Live EP
Riot 1977 Rock City LP
Riot 1979 Narita LP
Riot 1981 Fire Down Under LP
Riot 1982 Restless Breed LP
Running Wild 1984 Gates to Purgatory LP First U.S. pressing
Rush 1976 All the World’s a Stage LP
Rush 1981 Moving Pictures LP Two copies
Rush 1975 Fly By Night LP
Rush 1976 2112 LP
Samson 1982 Losing My Grip EP
Saracen 1982 Heroes, Saints & Fools LP
Satan 1983 Court in the Act LP
Savage 1983 Loose ‘N Lethal LP
Saxon 1985 Innocence is No Excuse LP
Saxon 1986 Rock the Nations LP
Saxon 1984 Crusader LP
Saxon 1981 Denim and Leather LP
Saxon 1979 Saxon LP
Saxon 1980 Wheels of Steel LP
Saxon 1983 Power & the Glory LP
Saxon 1980 Strong Arm of the Law LP Japanese import
Saxon 1982 The Eagle Has Landed LP
Scorpions 1982 Can’t Live Without You Single
Scorpions 1978 Tokyo Tapes LP Japanese import
Scorpions 1980 Animal Magnetism LP
Scorpions 1982 Blackout LP
Scorpions 1984 Love at First Sting LP
Scorpions 1979 Lovedrive LP
Scorpions 1988 Savage Amusement LP
Scorpions 1977 Taken By Force LP
Scorpions 1975 In Trance LP
Scorpions 1976 Virgin Killer LP Two copies
Seducer 1983 Seducer LP
Slayer 1983 Show No Mercy LP
Slayer 1988 South of Heaven LP
Split Beaver 1982 When Hell Won’t Have You LP
Steeler 1983 Steeler LP
Takashi 1983 Kamikaze Killers EP
Talas 1982 Sink Your Teeth Into That LP
Talas 1984 Live Speed on Ice LP
Tank 1982 Power of the Hunter LP
Tank 1983 This Means War LP
Tank 1982 Filth Hounds of Hades LP
The Outlaws 1978 Bring It Back Alive LP Autographed
The Rods 1983 Live LP
The Rods 1981 The Rods LP
The Rods 1982 Wild Dogs LP
The Rods 1983 In the Raw LP Two copies
The Rods 1984 Let Them Eat Metal LP
Tony MacAlpine 1987 Maximum Security LP
Trance 1982 Break Out LP
Trance 1983 Power Infusion LP
Triumph 1980 Progression of Power LP
Triumph 1977 Rock & Roll Machine LP Limited edition, silver vinyl
Trouble 1984 Psalm 9 LP
Trust 1982 Savage LP
Trust 1981 Marche Ou Creve LP Nicko McBrain on drums
TT Quick 1984 TT Quick LP
Twisted Sister 1982 Under the Blade LP
Twisted Sister 1983 You Can’t Stop Rock ‘N’ Roll LP
Tygers of Pan Tang 1982 Making Tracks Single
Tygers of Pan Tang 1980 Wild Cat LP
Tygers of Pan Tang 1981 Spellbound LP
Tygers of Pan Tang 1982 Crazy Nights LP
Tygers of Pan Tang 1981 Don’t Stop By Single
Tytan 1982 Blind Men and Fools Single
U.D.O. 1987 Animal House LP
UFO 1976 Force It LP Japanese import
UFO 1982 Mechanix LP
UFO 1978 Lights Out LP
UFO 1979 High Level Cut LP Japanese import
Vanadium 1983 A Race With the Devil LP
Vandale 1982 Stale Verhale LP
Vandenberg 1982 Vandenberg LP
Vendetta 1982 Vendetta LP
Venom 1983 Die Hard Single
Venom 1984 Warhead Single
Venom 1981 Welcome to Hell LP 2 copies
Venom 1982 Black Metal LP
Virgin Steele 1982 Virgin Steele LP
Virgin Steele 1983 Guardians of the Flame LP
Vixen 1983 Made in Hawaii EP
Warlord 1983 Deliver Us LP
Warrior 1983 For Europe Only EP
White Spirit 1980 White Spirit LP
Whitesnake 1980 Live… In The Heart of the City LP
Wild Dogs 1984 Man’s Best Friend LP
Wild Dogs 1983 Wild Dogs LP
Wildfire 1983 Brute Force and Ignorance LP
Witchfinder General 1982 Death Penalty Picture disc
Y&T 1981 I Believe In You Single
Y&T 1976 Yesterday and Today LP 2 copies
Yngwie Malmsteen 1984 Rising Force LP

Turn the Hell On

Welcome to Turn the Hell On: a metal blog dedicated to all things loud, hard, and heavy.  You’ll find an archive of album and concert reviews as well as periodic ramblings about my maniacal love for this music. You’ll find content spanning across all genres and sub-genres of true metal.  If it has wailing vocals, ear-shattering guitars, and a thundering rhythm section, it’s here.  From new releases to hidden gems to all-time classics, you’ll find them all here packaged in unapologetic, hard-luck truth reviews.

The blog itself is titled after the song of the same name by New Wave of British Heavy Metal band, Fist.

Horns up.